I do recommend you to read the concluding note.

I didn’t leave two relationships. My first relationship ended under some unfortunate circumstances unrelated to the instance I mentioned here. And I am still in very much love with the second person in the story.

Yes, there is no way to read people’s minds completely (nor do I claim such in this piece). Yet Professor Xavier’s reference is not quite appropriate here as he can read, erase and manipulate people’s minds and Magneto’s helmet is just a protective tool. It will be like if I claim bullets don’t kill people as wearing a bulletproof jacket works well.

I could not agree more. Learning communication techniques — is not it about reading people’s tonal modulation, body language, eye contact, choice of words to determine where they are coming from? Sounds pretty much like reading people to me.

In the end, I wholeheartedly thank you for the book recommendations, I will definitely check them out. But I will like to convince you that I am not claiming that my piece will turn anyone into a telepathic mutant. I agree that the title might seem indicative to some people. But, again, my concluding note wraps it up pretty well.

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